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  • What happens at the consultation?
    30 mins ​ Your free, no-obligation consultation gives you the chance to:​ ask lots of questions discuss options for shape, colour & technique ensure there’s no medical reason why you can’t have permanent makeup complete a patch test If you’re ready to book after our chat - there's no pressure to do so - we arrange a time for your main appointment and you pay a £50 booking fee to secure your preferred time and date. This fee is non-refundable, but is then taken off the cost of treatment ​ Notes: Consultations can be carried out over the phone if it's difficult to meet in person, but a patch test is always required at least 24 hours before treatment (it can be posted out if we’re not meeting face-to-face) If you’ve had permanent makeup done by another artist in the past, a face-to-face consultation will be necessary to determine suitability for treatment with me (it's not always a given I can work over existing permanent makeup if I didn't carry out the previous treatment)
  • What happens at the main appointment?
    2.5-3 hours ​ After filling out essential paperwork, we get down to the most important part of the process; creating a shape you love and custom mixing a colour to perfectly compliment your skin tone and hair colour. We take our time and you’re fully involved. A template is drawn on for brows and lips using your natural features as a guide. I use measuring tools for symmetry, then perfect the shape by sight. It’s not always necessary to pre-draw eyeliner (unless a flick is desired) but we’ll always discuss thickness and style before starting. Once you’re 100% happy I apply a numbing cream which takes 20 minutes to take effect. We use this time to talk through aftercare. ​ Now we’re ready to get started! ​ The tattooing takes around 90 minutes. I apply a secondary anaesthetic as I work which numbs the area further. Most people comment it’s nowhere near as painful as they were expecting and relax in to the treatment very quickly. There's natural breaks throughout the treatment, but if you need to stretch your legs or go to the bathroom at any time it's no problem. ​ I then show you your beautiful new look and you can request any tweaks before we finish and apply aftercare balm, which you continue to use for the next 7 days.
  • What happens at the 6-week top up?
    1-1.5 hours (included in the cost) We call it the 6-week top up but it can be taken anytime in the 6-12 week period after your main appointment. This is a chance for us to review how the ink has settled in the skin, and make tweaks to the colour or shape if needed. We can also do a little extra work to reinforce the treatment to ensure you get as long as possible out of the treatments before needing a colour boost. ​ My style of working is to go light and natural at your main appointment which means you have the option to go darker or bolder at your 6-week top up if you choose to (almost everybody does!). This gives you chance to get used to your new look and build up the colour and shape gradually. ​ You’re all done! I recommend colour boosts every 18 months (approx.) to keep your permanent makeup looking fresh.
  • What is permanent makeup?
    It’s a cosmetic tattooing procedure also known as 'semi-permanent makeup' or 'micropigmentation'. Ink is implanted in to the upper dermis layer of the skin using a specially designed tattooing pen to mimic the look of traditional makeup. It’s less invasive than traditional tattooing and uses softer pigments, created exclusively for permanent makeup and designed to fade naturally over time.
  • Who is it for?
    Permanent makeup is suitable for all ages including those who have: over-plucked or sparse brows (or no brow hair at all) a desire to look their best with minimum effort everyday a busy lifestyle and no time to apply makeup an active lifestyle and want to look good at the gym, pool etc. allergies to traditional makeup visual impairment or dexterity issues making it difficult to apply makeup hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy or other medical issues ​ You must be over 18. A medical consultation is carried out to assess suitability as certain conditions including pregnancy, breast feeding, some heart conditions and blood / skin disorders, may prevent treatment going ahead.
  • What are the benefits?
    There are so many! ​ Permanent makeup: boosts confidence in your appearance adds shape and definition makes you look younger (defining a lost lip-line or adding an arch to shapeless brows gives an instant, youthful lift) helps with asymmetry (i.e. one brow sits naturally higher than the other) allows you to wake up every day with professionally applied, natural looking makeup saves you precious time every day doesn't budge or smudge during exercise, swimming or sun-bathing
  • Is it permanent or semi-permanent?
    The procedure is considered permanent because the pigment remains stable under the skin and can't be washed off; however, as the skin is constantly shedding and renewing, colour boosts are required to maintain the look long term (which is why some refer to it as ’semi-permanent').
  • How long does it last?
    This is determined by a number of factors including age, lifestyle, skin type, medications and sun-exposure. As a guide, colour boosts are recommended every 18 months (approx.) to keep the treatment looking fresh.
  • Does it hurt?
    Numbing cream is used to limit any discomfort.; most people report feeling only a light scratching sensation. Some actually find it relaxing and fall asleep! Obviously this varies depending on the individual's threshold, but any slight discomfort you may feel is more than worth it!
  • Do you shave off my eyebrows?
    No. As much as possible we follow your natural brow line, only removing hairs lying out-with the new shape. If, for example, you have flat brows and want to create an arch, we may have to remove a few hairs from under your natural brow line to achieve a lifting affect.
  • What do I need to do / not do before my treatment?
    In the 24 hours before your treatment, avoid consuming: alcohol large amounts of caffeine ibuprofen and aspirin (if required for medical reasons this must be disclosed prior to your appointment) ​ All the above can affect or thin your blood, and in turn affect pigment retention ​ Brows: waxing / threading / plucking prior to your appointment is fine, but please leave a minimum of 24 hours between this and your appointment tinting should be carried out a minimum of 48 hours before your appointment Eyeliner: lash extensions must be removed at least 2 weeks before your appointment and not reapplied for at least 2 weeks after (this applies to your main appointment and top up) contact lenses must be removed; please wear glasses to your appointment if needed don't use lash growth serum for a minimum of 12 weeks prior to your appointment ​ Lips: if you've ever had a cold sore, you must be willing to obtain your own prescription for preventative medication such as Aciclovir tablets - to be taken 5 days before and 5 days after your treatment - as this will greatly reduce the chances of an outbreak keep lips well moisturised in the week leading up to your appointment, using lip balm, and lip scrub for extra brownie points! ​ Ensure you've been patch tested at least 24 hours before your appointment, and please let me know if anything changes medically between your appointments.
  • What can I expect immediately after the treatment?
    The treatment at first appears darker and bolder than the healed result. You may experience slight redness and swelling, but this will subside quickly. Brows and lips will appear a lot brighter / warmer immediately afterwards. Don't panic! The colour fades and the shape softens significantly during the healing process; it's important to remember this and not be concerned. It takes time to acclimatise yourself with a new look, particularly with eyebrows where there was little or no hair before. You may want to avoid making social plans in the days immediately after your treatment as it’s not uncommon to feel a little self-conscious (it's also natural for the treatment area to flake as it heals). It's also important to remember permanent makeup is a two-step procedure. After your first treatment you may notice slight inconsistencies; this is perfectly normal and can be balanced at your 6-week top-up appointment, which is the perfecting stage.
  • How long does it take to heal?
    Healing times vary from person to person; as a general rule the surface of the skin should be fully healed after 2 weeks. It’s perfectly normal for the treatment area to flake slightly during this time and feel a bit dry. Underneath the surface of the skin takes longer to heal which is why we schedule your top-up 6 weeks after the initial appointment.
  • What about after-care?
    Full aftercare instructions (verbal and written) are provided at the time of treatment, along with aftercare balm to aid the healing process. The treatment area should be kept dry during the healing period. Sweaty exercise, heat, swimming and full sun exposure are to be avoided for 2 weeks after your treatment.
  • What's the difference between permanent make-up using a machine and microblading?
    It's all to do with the method of application. Both are types of micropigmentation (the implantation of ink in to the skin) and come under the cosmetic tattooing umbrella. I favour a digital machine over a microblade (which is a manual hand tool with a bladed end), as I find it less invasive to the skin and it can be used artistically on all skin types to create natural brows, eyeliner and lips. Microbladed brows generally don't last as long so more regular top ups could be needed, although lots of factors contribute to the longevity of the treatment. Microblading isn't suitable for oily skin as the pigment is unlikely to hold. ​ Different artists favour different methods and techniques. It's advisable to look at lots of before and after pictures, focusing on the look you want to achieve, not just the method of application.
  • What if I don't like it?
    There are removal options (laser and solution based removal).; however, this is hopefully a conversation we'll never need to have! I work very naturally, building the colour up gradually over your two appointments. I'm highly trained and experienced, and a huge amount of care and attention goes in to every aspect of your treatment, ensuring I know exactly what you want to achieve before we start - so there are no surprises. If you've had a treatment done elsewhere that you're unhappy with, I may be able to offer advice on removal options.
  • How can I pay?
    I accept cash and bank transfer (my preferences) along with all major credit cards, Apple pay etc. Gift vouchers are available for any amount. Please contact me for more information.
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